The Pigeon Shelter is a Permanent, Vegan, Non-euthanasic, Anti-speciesism, Bright Non-profit Foundation and the first of these characteristics in the Netherlands.

We are a 100% an independent organization, we do not receive subsidies from government agencies, political parties, or religious denominations. We practice zero sacrifice, which implies that we take care of the animals until the last day of their life due to natural death.

We promote veganism and the extension of natural rights to the other animals on this planet. The right to life, liberty, and well-being.

We depend exclusively on your contribution in the form of a donation, sponsor/sponsorship, inheritance and legacies to be able to carry out our work, which is ambitious and 100% in favor of the other animals on this planet.

Please consider supporting The Pigeon Shelter!.

What is in it for me?

You are going to secure the future of a very special group of  animals that otherwise will in the short term die. You are going to be part of a very innovative real estate deal where non human animals are the benefactors. Every square meter of the property your donation buys for the primates is numbered and recorded on this website. You will also receive a unique donation invitation, related to the purchase of square meters, and this information will also be held at the shelter, as we know you will come and visit us. For every  €25 donated to this project, the shelter will honor the donor with a visit to the shelter after the finalization of the actual purchase and transfer of the property. Please note: donation to purchase a Square meter of land will ultimately allow the animals to own the land. The donor is making a donation and will not personally own the square meter. His/her donation will allow the non human animals to own the property.

Why should I buy a square meter of land?

Firstly, we all have an element of conection with nature, and the chances are, that if you are reading this you do too.

Animals in general have been dealt worldwide a raw deal, in most the instances of endangerment, persecution, and or extinction is has to do with their habitat being threatened and taken away, plus all the misery that follows that.

This campaign offers you an opportunity to donate as little as  25 and be part of a real property purchase that will secure the future of many vulnerable sentient beings.


What is the motivation for this real state deal?

Due to the effects of the pandemic on our market and looking to the future, it has become blatantly clear that The Pigeon Shelter will soon disappear without an own land, and with it, 12 years of hard work and many lives will be gone forever!.

The Pigeon Shelter needs to own a save place to continue its work, we have the commitment but we lack the resources to accomplish this.

In order to fund the purchase of the land we are humbly asking animal lovers throughout the world to buy one square meter of land for the animals at €25 a square meter in our “Buy a Square Meter campaign”.

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