Support us monthly with €1

The Teaming Platform allows you to make micro donations of just €1 per month for social causes. Anywhere in the world. The platform does not charge anything to donors or organizations, your entire euro is received by the organization chosen by you.

All the funds raised in favor of the La Paloma Shelter are intended to cover the basic needs of food, health and care of the animals that have been rescued from abandonment and abuse while we manage to relocate to our own rural land for which we have a campaign. called Animal Shelter Search Land.

One euro is not even enough to have a coffee, but when it is combined with that of many other people, who like you, do their bit, it serves to save lives that would otherwise perish without remedy.

Teaming is the one who will be in charge of managing everything for you according to your preferences, without any type of added expense either for you as a donor or for us as recipients of the donation. Your euro, along with that of the rest of the teamers, will go entirely to saving lives.

Think about how a single euro can achieve so much thanks to people like you! And if at any time it is not possible for you to continue, don’t worry, unsubscribing is as easy or even easier than registering. Is this platform safe? Teaming uses a secure connection throughout the website and makes a great effort and investment in the technological area to protect your data and the correct functioning of the platform.

In addition, he has been online for many years serving non-profit projects like us. YOU ARE CHEERED UP!! What do you have to do to join? Just register on the platform and join the Refugio La Paloma group to donate your monthly euro, the teaming platform will process the payment monthly. You won’t have to worry about anything else. Neither do you remember to make transfers nor to include your data each time to make your help effective. You will only see that, depending on the payment method you have chosen (card or bank account), you will be deducted one euro (€1) at the beginning of each month.

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